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Release Note for December 1, 2017

Hot Fixes


  1. The Inventory consigned grid has been updated to match the Customer consign grid information.
  2. Price codes that adjust the dollar amount up has been fixed.


  1. The Warehouse app has been updated to get the inventory correctly on start and entering a Picking.
  2. The Home Delivery app has been updated to work correctly with customers of different channels and zones.
  3. The Barcode parser now correctly finds the items stock number.
  4. SBT Delivery items are now accounted for correctly in the End of Day Load.
  5. The Forecast Count and Fill screen is now accessible.

New Features


  1. The Data importer for Presales and Invoices can now find inventory by the inventory number or by a UPC number.
  2. The Business Works ERP export now includes Sales Tax amounts with a GL account.
  3. We have added Sage as an ERP compatible with the new Trucks as Warehouses workflow.
  4. The Dispatch board for Work orders now works with a Time window for Route Optimization.


  1. The Home Delivery Application has been overhauled and updated to work with the latest changes in the Route application.
  2. We have removed the quick Survey screen from the android when the user presses the new order button.
  3. The email adding via the android now has the same fields as the desktop.

Bug Fixes


  1. Merchantware Batch Processor has been updated to work correctly with Cayan.
  2. Editing an Invoice on the desktop by changing the Truck number will change the Warehouse in the line detail with the new Trucks as Warehouse add in.
  3. Inventory Asset filler item's quantity now matches the assets quantity.


  1. When adding an additional item to an order in Picking with Multipack the package size if there is one will now show the Unit Package size on the desktop.
  2. The print of a customers statement has been updated with the new printing features.

Web Service

  1. The Web Service no longer sends emails for Voided transactions.

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