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Release Note for October 13, 2017

Hot Fixes


  1. The Reason Code on Returns Required setting now applies to Desktop created returns.


  1. The Presale delivery date is now being selected properly by the device.
  2. Quotes no longer place the ordered amount in the Picked column but in the Qty Ordered column coming back from the device.
  3. Driver created preloads have been fixed to work properly with Multipack items.
  4. The customer guide target field now updates correctly with inputs from the field.
  5. Item sales history now shows up with ship to's correctly.
  6. Visual error when printing the load sheet with Adjustments only now shows the proper quantities on the printout and the screen.
  7. Force Print of Load sheet no longer loops during the print process.

New Features


  1. We have created in the Inventory menu a GL maintenance screen to edit names and descriptions of GL Accounts.
  2. The Fill Order screen has been updated with a telerik grid and added new columns to the grid.
  3. Business Vision ERP add in has been updated.
  4. SBT users are no longer required by bMobile to have a Store Number on the Customer record.


  1. We have a new add in called Delivery Verification where we have added a verification with or without scanning for delivery orders on the android.
  2. With Merchant Vault to store Credit Cards on the desktop system we can now turn off all Credit Card types but still allow this pay type for any customer allowed to pay with a Credit Card and has a card on file. 

Bug Fixes


  1. The Home Delivery Application End of Day process has been updated to send the correct qty amounts.
  2. bMobile Route End of Day process now sends invoices first then route information.


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