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Release Note for September 22, 2017

Hot Fixes


  1. Saving in the Payment screen no longer stops the software.
  2. Forecasting now works with all customer names and no longer doubles the forecast amount.
  3. Generating Presales from the Customer Guides now include the sales rep and terms that are preset on the customer.


  1. The Android is no longer missing the route stops on start of day.

New Features


  1. The Customer record screen now has three new buttons: Add Presale, Add Invoice and Add Payment.
  2. We have added Delivery Date column to the History grid.
  3. We have added the Price/Discount Override code generator to the Customer record in the general tab where you will need to enter which route this code is for.
  4. Scheduled stops are now included on the Route Optimizer and Forecasting.


  1. The Warehouse Management Pick Dashboard now includes the Stop Number and the Start Time fields on the grid. These can be opened in the company options.
  2. We have added a new multi grouping for Invoices that now works on the Android and Desktop versions.

Bug Fixes


  1. The TC-55 now works correctly with the new Physical Count screens.
  2. Exclude Case count now works correctly on the Android.

Web Service

  1. The external web service now works with route names of any length.

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