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Release Notes for August 25, 2017

Hot Fixes


  1. When a Presale already exists for a customer the desktop is no longer prompting twice if you want to use the one already created.
  2. Completed Presales and Posted invoices no longer allow changes in the history views.


  1. We updated the load sheet print out so when Show adjusts only on the printout will do the same.
  2. The End of Day Preload generation with Sales - Returns now correctly generates the Preload.

New Features


  1. We have added two new reports that cover the End of Day showing the summery or the details over multiple routes and days. These are now in the Order Management Reports section.
  2. We have added a new field to the Route Setup which is a Route specific email that the Truck Inspection can be sent to.
  3. We have removed the Delete button from the Invoice and Payment screens and replaced with void.
  4. The Auto apply Payments has been moved into the Accounts Receivable add in.

Bug Fixes


  1. The Count Fill screen now allows all items to be updated if they are set to be changed.
  2. When the Language is set to Spanish we End of Day can now complete.

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