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Release Notes for June 30, 2017

Hot Fixes

  1. The Route Balancer telerik grid controls have been updated to use the arrow keyboard. The route field can be moved from with any of the arrow keys without changing data however the date selection fields need to be escaped from if in data entry mode to move around the screen.
  2. The Route option for the Zero Out Negative Qtys has been updated to work with the auto unload correctly.

New Features


  1. We have created an EDI to work with Walmart documentation.
  2. We have added an Add/Cut report to the Vendor Ordering application.
  3. The import from QuickBooks now pull in Inventory Package sizes.


  1. We have added Scanning capabilities with a new device setup from General Scan.
  2. We have added more functionailty with the Bar-code parser to work better with Variable weights.

Bug Fixes


  1. The Truck override will now look at all line types correctly and set to correct Warehouse for each.
  2. Additional Date User Fields have been updated to save properly.
  3. The Auto route fill in on the PreSale and Invoice windows no longer select inactive routes.


  1. Item search is now working with Customers in Zones and the Zone excluded properly.
  2. The TC-55 now adds new items when picking in the Warehouse application.
  3. All Scanning functions have been updated.
  4. The Returns Report has been updated to work better with the Mulitpack add in.
  5. Updating a Customer with a new Geocode will now send back to the desktop.


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