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Robots: Is This the future of Delivery?

Technology and automation is making leaps and bounds in the way business is done, from online Ecommerce portals for automatic ordering, to crop spraying drones.  One wonders just where this technology will take the human race.  One thing is for sure, we will have to adapt to new ways of doing things.

Recently, our Idaho State Legislature proposed a bill that would regulate robot deliveries on our city streets:

Bill Allowing Robots To Make Deliveries Heads To Idaho House

Could this be the future of the Delivery Industry?  Thinking about this kind of change conjures up images of remotely operated delivery vehicles scurrying here and there, delivering whatever manner of goods citizens might order from the comfort of their home.  If taken further, it is not a stretch to imagine remotely operated delivery vehicles lumbering about, following gps delivery routes that are programmed automatically.  This might be a frightening concept for some, as driver jobs could be lost, and distributors will need to make large adjustments in their processes from end-to-end.  Imagine a retailer ordering online, entering the entire days' delivery automatically, and the order immediately gets loaded automatically on the delivery vehicle, which is then locked with a code, and then hauls the load to pre-programmed stop coordinates, where the receiving personnel enter a unique code that unlocks the delivery truck doors, or even a slot on the truck with multiple orders.  This reality is not too far off!

There are many fears and worries that go along with these scenarios, but there will also be many innovations and conveniences that will enhance the quality of life, and increase profitability!  While some jobs will be lost, many jobs will also be created in these new innovations.  There may just come a day when, instead of taking a delivery vehicle to the garage, you are taking a delivery robot to the repair shop!

bMobile currently offers the Ecommerce online ordering, and the route optimization to get the delivery there quickly and efficiently, as well as invoicing and accounting entry automation, but we don't offer Robot delivery software...Yet...

-by Troy Kesner,

Marketing and Customer Retention lead

bMobile Route Software


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